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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q. How do I register for Khary Stockton Soccer Programs (KSS)?
A. You may register for any of our programs by looking over our offerings and selecting what you would like.

Q. What if I have registered for KSS previously?
A.  You may look at our offerings and choose what you are interested in.

Q. What if I do not remember my username and password?
A. Call our office or email us at 

Q. What types of programs do you offer?
A.  After school soccer, programs with city parks and recreation, birthday parties, private training, group training, summer camps. We also offer basketball, jiu-jitsu & kids fitness through our partners. For more information please go to:

Q. What are the ages of the kids in your programs?
A. 2yrs-18yrs 

Q. How are kids divided?
A. Kids are divided according to their ages.   For example, ages 2yrs-3yrs,4yrs-5yrs, 6yrs-7yrs, 8yrs-10yrs, 10yrs-12yrs, 13yrs-18yrs.

Q. What is required in tot soccer?
A.  size 3 soccer ball for ages 2-8, size 4 soccer ball for ages 9-12, size 5 for ages 13 and up.

Q.  How long are classes?
A. 30 minutes to an hour

Q. Are shinguards mandatory?
A. No

Q. What is your refund policy?
A.  Refunds must be requested through the KSS Office at 202-679-1389 or email.  Full refunds for KSS programs will be made automatically when canceled by KSS due to insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen reasons, or upon request when schedule or location changes made by KSS prohibit or limit your attendance. 
In order to receive a refund, customers must cancel within 48 hours after the first class. All refunds due to customer cancelation are subject to a $25 service charge. No refunds or credits will be given after this deadline, or if a customer is unable to attend a one-session program, class, or workshop. 
Camps consist of a $100 non-refundable deposit due per session at time of registration to hold camper enrollment slotor full payment. All summer camp registration changes/cancelations are processed by the KSS Office and not at the camp site. Fees are based on registration for the camp session, not daily attendance. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to cancel if the camper will not attend. The deadline to make any changes to camp registrations, including cancelation, is 5 business days prior to the start date of camp. No refunds will be issued for cancelations after this period and the start of camp.

Refunds for medical reasons must be accompanied by a physician's note and shall be considered on a case by case basis.

Refunds may be retained as household credits and used towards registration in future KSS programs. If not retained as a household credit, credit card charges will be refunded directly to the credit card.

Q. Returned Payment Fee Policy
A. What is a returned payment fee? A returned payment fee is incurred by a customer when a payment fails due to insufficient funds in a consumer's bank account or when a credit card is used for a scheduled payment and the credit card is either invalid or the credit limit is exceeded. Our Policy If a payment is returned, we will assess and automatically process a maximum returned payment fee of $30 Will I know if a returned payment fee is going to be charged to my account? Yes, if you have a payment that fails, you will be notified of the failure. The notice will tell you the date on which a $30 returned payment fee will be processed and the date on which the failed payment will be rescheduled (unless you take some action in the meantime to make the payment). If the $30 returned payment fee fails, it will be rescheduled. If we detect a pattern of failed returned payment fees we may prohibit you from enrolling in payment plans administered by us in future years until the fees are paid. Can I make up a failed payment before the rescheduled payment date? Yes. You are always able to bring your account current by making a payment online or over the phone. KSS policy will determine if you are able to pay in person, spread the failed payment across your remaining payments, or reschedule the failed payment for the end of your payment plan. Will I be charged an overdraft fee by my bank if my payment fails? That depends on your financial institution. We understand that fees can be burdensome, which is why we strongly encourage all payers to pay careful attention to their payment schedule and do everything they can to avoid failed payments. You should have received the attached letter, flyers, and authorization form. Please fill out and return to us if you would like to begin the new program.  

Q. What happens if I join a class that runs yearly at the beginning or end of the month am I billed for the entire month?
A. Yes 

Q. Are classes which run weekly for an entire year made up?
A. Classes may be made up depending on the schedule availability.

Q. What happens if it rains and class is canceled?
A. We will attempt to make up class but due to seasonal constraints this may not be possible.

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